Penis Enlargement is not Necessary For Most Men

PENIS ENLARGEMENT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR MOST MEN, WHAT THEY NEED TO DO IS TO RE-ADJUST THEIR LIFESTYLE AND DIET, EXERCISE MORE OFTEN, AND TREAT ANY UNDERLYING DISEASES. The male penis starts to grow from birth to adulthood age of 21yrs. For men that now get larger in body size, lap size, Tommy size etc,

The Woman Clitoris

HERE’S A GREAT WAY FOR MEN TO BLESS THEIR WOMEN WITH GENTLE, TENDER TOUCH THE WOMAN CLITORIS, the head which is about the size of a small pea, and twice as sensitive as the head of a man’s penis is the primary source of her see sexual pleasure Going straight for the clitoris before there’s

Reactivate Your Sex Life

If you are really tired of being an underperformer with your partner, perhaps the one/two-minute performance is giving you a serious headache, do not worry. We know where the problem is coming from and we have the perfect solution. Sexual inadequacies can be related to hormonal imbalance. When hormones like testosterone responsible for sexual functions

Testosterone is a Vital Male Hormone

A DRASTIC DROP IN TESTOSTERONE CAN LEAD TO DECREASED LIBIDO, MAY INCREASE THE RISK FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, MORE LIKELY TO LATER DEVELOP DIABETES. Testosterone is a vital male hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of male attributes. Women also have testosterone but in much smaller amounts.Testosterone is produced mainly in the

Potential Dangers Of Stage Two And Stage Three Gonorrhoea

STAGE TWO GONORRHOEA, also known as disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI), occurs when the infection spreads throughout the body via the bloodstream. During this stage, the infection can affect the skin, joints, and organs, leading to severe symptoms such as joint pain, skin rash, and fever. If left untreated, DGI can result in long-term complications like