Know Your Penis Type and Understand Its Usage

When it comes to great sex, size does matter — but not in the way most of us think.

A bigger penis in no way means a bigger orgasm, what matters is the usage.

A more modestly sized individual who knows how to use their penis well can help their sexual partner achieve a better orgasm than someone with a huge penis who does not know how to use it.

Plus, it’s not just size. The shape is just as important to figure out which sex positions will curl your toes, which ones might be painful for your sexual partner, and how much manual or clitoral stimulation your partner will need.

Certain positions and skills will make sex mind-blowing for you and your partner, no matter how hung or bendy your member is.


The same thin girth from base to tip; length varies.

YOUR ACTION PLAN: If you have a thin penis, your sexual partner should keep their thighs close together. This narrows the vaginal canal, creating more friction and intensifying sensations for both partners.

Doggy style is a great position, especially if you stimulate the clitoris with your hands at the same time.



There’s often an urge to thrust harder and deeper in the heat of the moment. But a large penis can hit the cervix and cause pain. On the bright side, since the clitoris is very close to the vaginal opening, a magnum penis is more likely to push up against it.

YOUR ACTION PLAN: The key to a big penis is to make sure your partner can control the angle, depth, and pace of thrusting. Being on top, either squatting or kneeling, is going to give them the choice of how deep they want you to go.

Spooning is also ideal because you can’t enter too far. Plus, it gives you easy access to fondle your partner’s breasts and clitoris.

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