Major Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological Issues: Research shows that psychological factors are responsible for 10 – 20% of all cases of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological factors affect your mind, preventing it from getting the right signal from the brain for arousal (hard rock erections) and stamina to sustain good erections over a certain period for a pleasurable sexual experience.

Examples are stress, anxiety, guilt, low self-esteem, not finding your partner attractive anymore, overthinking, depression, and, often side effects of its medication, etc.

NOTE: What’s most important is a Good Erection contrary to what you have been told; irrespective of the size of your Gbola, Cucumber, or, Koboko. A good erection and the right skill sets needed to execute your manly tasks in the other room are the most important thing, not the size.

You can’t perform any of the sex styles & positions for 15 min without a Good Erection!

Note: A strong and sustainable erection can be obtained when blood circulation throughout the body is unhindered, especially to the penis region. This is why we advise that OKANLE BLOOD REGULATOR is a must-have, not just to reduce blood pressure, but also to enhance adequate blood flow/circulation throughout the body, especially to the penis region to give a strong and sustainable erection for pleasurable sex.


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