• The Woman Clitoris

    The Woman Clitoris

    HERE’S A GREAT WAY FOR MEN TO BLESS THEIR WOMEN WITH GENTLE, TENDER TOUCH THE WOMAN CLITORIS, the head which is about the size of a small pea, and twice as sensitive as the head of a man’s penis is the primary source of her see sexual pleasure Going straight for the clitoris before there’s

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  • One Round Of Sex Cannot Satisfy Her

    One Round Of Sex Cannot Satisfy Her

    Orgasm is the best gift you can give her. If you know how to make a woman Enjoy a night with you,Trust me she will forever love and appreciate you. Men have to get something very clear, no woman is satisfied with only one round of lovemaking. Before a woman is satisfied or reaches orgasm

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  • Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Period

    Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Period

    MEN SHOULD READ AND EDUCATE THEIR WIVES AND SISTERS, MOST OF THEM DON’T KNOW THIS. Most ladies don’t understand this because of much heavy grammar used to teach it, and we don’t listen to our bodies too. Pls read, start listening to your body for signs, and follow the simple analysis/steps for ease of getting

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