Fasting Keeps The Body Healthy


Periodic fasting is therapeutic. If fasting is done often, one will notice an improvement in one’s health.
Excess food is stored as Fat, and fat harbors toxins and waste that are not eliminated from our bodies.

The fat deposit also causes congestion in our systems. When you fast fats are burnt off, and the stored toxins are released to be flushed out. This is why fasting is essential if you want to enjoy good health and a life free of drugs.

It is said that when animals are sick or down with a fever, they stay away from food as a means of recovering faster.

It is also natural that when humans are sick, especially with a fever, there is a loss of appetite. This is the natural way by which the body keeps the organs at rest to allow the body’s healing process to be activated. What we need in such a situation is water, fruits, and dietary supplements.

In the hospital, it is a normal protocol to place patients on bed rest, to relax the entire body system, especially the digestive system. Fluids are given by intravenous route as the natural body process is allowed to heal itself.

Healing is a natural phenomenon when we allow the body to do it.

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