Types of Viginal Discharge and Effect

You’ll learn on the page the types of viginal discharge, their causes, and how to take care of it.

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Causes of vaginal discharge
Vaginal discharge is a healthy bodily function resulting from natural changes in estrogen levels. The amount of discharge can increase from the likes of ovulation, sexual arousal, birth control pills, and pregnancy.

The color, smell, and texture of vaginal discharge can be adversely affected by changes to the vagina’s bacterial balance. That’s because when the number of harmful bacteria increases, vaginal infections are more likely.

Discharge that is in different shades of the color white is normal, and it occurs during ovulation and at the end of the menstrual cycle.

If a woman does not experience burning sensations, itching, or an odor when the discharge occurs, then there is nothing to worry about the white discharge. But if the discharge is stringy and clumpy like cheese, then it could be a sign of a yeast infection.

A bloody or brown discharge is normal if it occurs after or during the period. A late discharge towards the end of the menstrual cycle often is brown instead of red. Small amounts of brown or red discharge can be experienced in between cycles. It is commonly known as spotting.

If a woman has had unprotected sex, then this is a sign of pregnancy.

A clear and watery discharge is quite normal and can occur at any time. It may be more after exercise.

If it’s clear and stretchy, mucus-like, then this is normal too. It just means you are ovulating.

A yellow discharge is odorless, and the woman does not experience any other symptoms, then it isn’t anything to worry about. In some cases, it may be a sign of bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infections.

A green discharge, if it’s chunky or thick and has a bad odor, it is often a sign that you have a vaginal infection. Common culprits are a yeast infection or vaginosis, one may likely have other symptoms like irritation or pain with urinating.

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