One Round Of Sex Cannot Satisfy Her

Orgasm is the best gift you can give her. If you know how to make a woman Enjoy a night with you,
Trust me she will forever love and appreciate you.

Men have to get something very clear, no woman is satisfied with only one round of lovemaking.

Before a woman is satisfied or reaches orgasm it takes at least 2 rounds that’s if you really engage in foreplay and touch her sensitive parts adequately, some may even take much more than that.

It’s very annoying to women if you do only one round and you’re tired, some men don’t even last up to 1min on that round sef, and yet you want her to love and be loyal to you without looking somewhere else for sexual satisfaction.

Yes, we know you’re giving her money, we know you’re providing for her needs, but one of the most important needs of women is also sexual satisfaction.

A sexually satisfied woman is a happy woman, a sexually satisfied woman is a loving and caring woman, and a sexually satisfied woman is a respectful and cheerful woman.

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